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Laureate Pharma Announces New Development and Manufacturing Agreement To Produce AVEO Pharmaceuticals’ Antibody Therapeutic 10/27/2010 PDF
Laureate Pharma Secures $20 Million to Enhance and Grow Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Business 10/6/2010 PDF
Laureate Pharma and Iconic Therapeutics Announce Production of Clinical Material 1/7/2010 PDF
Laureate Pharma and Selexis Announce Collaboration 1/5/2010 PDF
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Laureate Pharma Welcomes Three New Members to Business Development Team 11/2/2009 PDF
Laureate Pharma Elects New Board Member 8/18/2009 PDF
Laureate Pharma Appoints Daniel E. Leone as Vice President of Business Development 7/27/2009 PDF
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Laureate Pharma Honored as Emerging Life Sciences Company of the Year 11/20/2008 PDF
Laureate Pharma Announces Agreement With Tolera Therapeutics, Inc. 10/28/2008 PDF
Laureate Announces Manufacturing Agreement with Tolerx 10/21/2008 PDF
Laureate Pharma To Add More Manufacturing Capacity 9/18/2008 PDF
Laureate Pharma Announces Manufacturing Agreement with Alopexx Pharmaceuticals, LLC. 4/10/2008 PDF
Laureate Pharma Reports Record Growth for 2007 4/1/2008 PDF
Laureate Announces Second Manufacturing Agreement with Cytheris 3/27/2008 PDF
Laureate Pharma Appoints Gary Swan as Vice President of Operations 2/14/2008 PDF
Laureate Announces Manufacturing Agreement with ARIUS for Trop-2 Targeting Antibody 1/31/2008 PDF
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Laureate Pharma Reports Consecutive Quarter of Record-Breaking Performance 11/7/2007 PDF
Laureate Pharma Announces Agreement with ImmunoGen 11/1/2007 PDF
Laureate Pharma Recognizes 178% Revenue Growth Year-over-Year 8/7/2007 PDF
Laureate Pharma Announces Agreement with Enobia Pharma, Inc. 7/31/2007 PDF
Laureate Pharma’s Momentum Continues in First Quarter 2007 5/3/2007 PDF
Laureate Pharma Extends Lease for its Facility in Princeton, NJ 4/25/2007 PDF
Laureate Pharma Announces Grand Opening of its Pilot Plant in Princeton, NJ 3/28/2007 PDF
Laureate Pharma Elects New Chairman 2/28/2007 PDF
Laureate Pharma Announces Collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim 2/6/2007 PDF
Laureate Pharma Reports Record Growth in 2006 1/31/2007 PDF
Laureate Pharma Announces Agreement with Trubion Pharmaceuticals 1/30/2007 PDF
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Laureate Pharma Extends its Agreement with Cytogen for Manufacture of PROSTASCINT ® 10/25/2006 PDF
Laureate Pharma to Produce Lpath’s Breakthrough Therapeutic Antibody for Phase I Clinical Trials 8/22/2006 PDF
Laureate Pharma Announces $9 Million Expansion of Manufacturing Facility in Princeton 6/8/2006 PDF
Laureate Pharma To Sponsor Free Webcast On Development Of Radiolabeled Antibodies To Treat Prostate Cancer 6/1/2006 PDF
Laureate Pharma and Iconic Therapeutics, Inc. Announce Immunoprotein Manufacturing Agreement 5/10/2006 PDF
Laureate Pharma and Seattle Genetics Announce Manufacturing Agreement 4/25/2006 PDF
Laureate Pharma and Bradmer Pharmaceuticals Announce Development of Brain Cancer Treatment Product 3/16/2006 PDF
Laureate Pharma Completes Sale of Totowa, NJ Operations to Discovery Laboratories for $16.0 Million 1/3/2006 PDF
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Laureate Pharma Inc. Enters into Agreement to Sell its Totowa, NJ Operations to Discovery Laboratories for $16 Million 12/28/2005 PDF
Laureate Pharma and Enobia Pharma Announce Development and Manufacturing Agreement on Therapeutic Enzyme Product 9/21/2005 PDF
Michael Cavanaugh Joins Laureate Pharma To Lead Sales, Marketing and Business Development Activities 9/7/2005 PDF
Laureate Pharma, Inc. and EMD Chemicals Inc. Team Up For Strategic Collaboration 3/3/2005 PDF
Laureate Pharma Sees Bright Future As Newest Safeguard Scientifics Company 1/7/2005 PDF
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Safeguard Scientifics Completes Acquisition of Laureate Pharma 12/6/2004 PDF
Laureate Pharma L.P. Announces Operation of 2500 Liter Bioreactor 6/3/2004 PDF
Laureate Pharma L.P. and GTC Biotherapeutics enter strategic collaboration 3/9/2004 PDF
Laureate Pharma L.P. announces technology transfer and manufacturing agreement with Discovery Laboratories, INC. 1/21/2004 PDF
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Laureate Pharma and FeRx Announce Manufacturing Service Agreement 10/14/2003 PDF
Laureate Pharma Expands Protein-Purification Capacity 6/17/2003 PDF
Laureate Pharma L.P. Announces Operation of New Bioreactor 5/14/2003 PDF
Laureate Pharma L.P. and TolerRx, Inc. Announce Second Antibody Manufacturing Services Agreement 3/26/2003 PDF
Laureate Pharma L.P. Announces the Election of Lawrence W. Chakrin to its Board of Directors 1/7/2003 PDF
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Stan Zeichner Named Director, Sales & Marketing at Laureate Pharma L.P. 12/5/2002 PDF
John J. Morris Named Vice President, Controller & Strategic Planning at Laureate Pharma L.P. 11/4/2002 PDF
Laureate Pharma L.P. Announces the Election of F. Peter Boer to its Board of Directors 10/17/2002 PDF
Laureate Pharma L.P. and Southern Research Institute announce drug delivery and commercial manufacturing strategic collaboration agreement 9/10/2002 PDF
Laureate Pharma L.P. and TolerRx, Inc. Announce Antibody Manufacturing Services Agreement 8/20/2002 PDF
Laureate Pharma and DrugAbuse Sciences Announce Commercial Manufacturing Services Agreement 6/24/2002 PDF
Laureate Pharma Launches New Contract Manufacturing Venture 5/21/2002 PDF

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