Laureate Pharma Agreement with Alopexx Pharmaceuticals

Laureate To Manufacture Alopexx’s Product Candidate

On April 10, 2008, Laureate Pharma, Inc., a large company engaged in biopharmaceutical development and protein production reported that it has concluded a contract manufacturing agreement with Alopexx Pharmaceuticals on the production of Alopexx’s mAb F598 antibody under cGMP conditions. This antibody will be used in clinical trials and also for fighting Staphylococcus aureus infections. The details of the agreement were not announced.

“We are happy that Laureate Pharma has become the manufacturing partner of Alopexx,” said William J. Wolf, Ph. D., the Head of Laureate Pharma, Inc. “We strive to cooperate with Alopexx and help them to promote their product to a higher level.”

“Laureate Pharma has great capabilities,” said Dr. Verner Cornel, the Head of Alopexx Pharmaceuticals. “We are happy to announce our partnership with this company and developing our antibody therapeutics program.”

About Laureate Pharma, Inc.

Laureate Pharma is a contract manufacturing organization that provides development and cGMP manufacturing services. The company is based in Princeton, a town in New Jersey. Laureate offers high-tech bioprocessing services that speed up new products production. The company offers various services, including process design, development, cGMP production, cleansing, trials, logical analysis, and so on. They are concentrated on monoclonal antibodies and cell protein products. The organization is a branch of Safeguard Scientifics, Inc.

About Alopexx Pharmaceuticals, LLC

This organization was established to create and commercialize new effective alternatives for the treatment of bacterial infections, including staphylococcal and those caused by MRSA. Recently, methicillin-resistant strain has become a serious global health issues. Due to the active use of antibiotics around the globe, MRSA and other serious microorganisms have ceased to be susceptible to most popular antibacterial drugs. mAb F598, being a human monoclonal antibody, could replace modern drugs that are used to treat severe S. aureus infections. Unlike widely applied antibiotics, mAb F598 will not make bacteria resistant to the treatment. The co-founders of Alopexx are Martin Willson, PhD and David Cook, MD. Its goal is to create new treatments for MRSA and other severe infections.

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