PRINCETON, NJ – June 1, 2006 Laureate Pharma, a biopharmaceutical development and protein production company, is sponsoring a live webcast at 2PM EDT on June 8 on “Development Of A Third-Generation Antibody For Therapy Of Prostate Cancer.” The free webcast, presented by BioPharm International, will include presentations by experts from Cytogen Corporation, Laureate Pharma, and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

The development of radiolabeled therapeutic antibodies is a sophisticated process involving both selection of an isotope with optimal radiation properties and secure mechanisms of isotope attachment. Such antibodies have enhanced potency in cancer therapy, directing radiation to specific areas of disease. Process development and cGMP manufacturing of these entities for clinical trials pose logistical challenges best addressed by a team approach, involving more than one company, on the route from “concept to clinic”. The webcast will feature the team of scientists from Cytogen and Laureate Pharma who overcame challenges and produced a new radiolabeled antibody therapeutic that will enter clinical trials next month. The novel agent combines a PSMA-specific targeting antibody with a high-affinity chelator and a beta-emitting isotope with desirable properties for irradiation of metastatic sites in prostate cancer.

During the webcast, the presenters will be discussing the critical decisions they had to make along the development path including:

  • Selection of the targeting antibody
  • The rationale for choice of radioisotope
  • Design and properties of chelators for optimal attachment of radio-metallic isotopes to antibodies
  • Understanding process development and cGMP manufacturing of radiolabeled antibodies
  • Preclinical design considerations for radiolabeled antibodies

They will also address the value of a multi-company collaboration to address logistical challenges associated with a complex radiolabeled biopharmaceutical and the value of radiolabeled antibodies in cancer therapy.

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The audience will have an opportunity to pose questions to the panel of experts during a real-time Q&A session at the conclusion of the web cast. Those who are interested in participating in the webcast are encouraged to register for the event at or

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