Laurete Pharma: Medical Services New Jersey

Laurete Pharma Medical Services New Jersey

Laurete Pharma carries out its activities and provides medical services within New Jersey. We are an active participant in the government program of import substitution in the framework of public procurement of medicines.

The company has its own scientific and technical base, where a full technological cycle is organized: from fine chemical synthesis of pharmaceutical substances and interleukins to the creation of finished dosage forms.

The company’s strategic efforts are aimed at developing and launching pulmonary drugs on the New Jersey market.

The company cooperates with a wide range of well-known pharmaceutical companies in NJ such as Arius Pharmaceuticals, “pioneers” of complex technological solutions such as Contract Pharma and Safeguard Scientifics. We implement partnership programs for the exchange of unique international experience and the transfer of innovative pharmaceutical technologies to New Jersey.

Laureate Pharma offers a wide range of modern medicines to ensure high quality, effective and affordable treatment.

Laurete Pharma consistently promotes the principles of the full production cycle as a guarantee of the country’s national security in the field of healthcare. This allows us to be responsible for the quality of the products at all stages of their creation – from the synthesis of pharmaceutical substances to the production of finished medicines. The production lines of the company are certified for compliance with the GMP standard.

We cooperate with leading pharmacies like Princeton Pharmacy, and we have gained their trust and respect over many years of manufacturing activity.

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